Our kitchen team conjures up the best of what spring, summer, autumn and winter has to offer in culinary delights in the “Esslust” restaurant with its parlors in the Alpenkönig. The results can be found on our menu. Choose à la carte or let yourself be seduced by our menus.

The signature of our chef Manuel Gorbach stands for the convincing interplay of simplicity and sophistication. His modern interpretation of the kitchen focuses on the composition of textures and the taste of high-quality products. But at the latest the interpretation of the seemingly everyday clothes the palate delightfully and provides inimitable way for surprising moments of pleasure.

The alpine-style interior of the two restaurants is also tastefully presented. Noble materials and fine fabrics set pleasant accents and emphasize the friends’ enjoyment in a sensual way.

Dear guests, her family Thomas Bentele and chef Manuel Gorbach look forward to your reservation.