Wellness in Oberstaufen

Tranquility in times of growing restlessness

Listen to your gut feelings, build your self-confidence, spoil and revitalize yourself, gather your thoughts, find peace … In your wellness hotel in Oberstaufen you can experience all these things. Enjoy sensory experiences: whether in the wild outdoors, in our wellness oasis, or in the form of culinary delicacies which we serve you in tastefully furnished rooms, and in the garden or in your room.

Even if you stay only a few days at Oberstaufen’s Hotel Alpenkönig, the beneficial effects and the kindness of the hotel staff will cast a spell over you for much longer.


The Alpenkönig is a spa hotel in Oberstaufen, which welcomes you with a soothing tranquility. Gentle colours, natural materials and soft fabrics create an ambience designed to let stressed souls breathe. A time for togetherness, or just for yourself – this is what our homely country hotel offers.

You can really relax on the soul-seeking MyAnanda days, let your mind wander and recharge your batteries.



Once you are here, letting go is easy. We will welcome you with warmth and a pleasant calmness.


Birds chirping in the hotel garden, a gentle swaying and rustling of leaves, the rippling garden pond … these will be your companions.


Wandering outdoors, playing golf, visiting cheese-makers, strolling through Oberstaufen ...


The Hotel Alpenkönig: the perfect spa hotel in the Allgäu where you can indulge yourself and recharge your batteries.

The Schroth cure in Oberstaufen

In the Hotel Alpenkönig your body becomes light and your soul happy.

Even after just a few days, the pounds will drop off. Men can lose up to 10% of their body weight during a 3-week Schroth cure, while women lose around 8%. And these are not the only advantages: the level of the body’s DHEA youth hormone increases, and production of serotonin – the happiness hormone – reaches new highs during a Schroth cure.

Healthy side effects: The body is purified and detoxified. There are changes in your metabolism and in the nervous system – a literal “thorough cleansing” of every body cell! A highly effective combination of different naturopathic stimuli activates the body’s self-healing powers.


A fat-free, salt-free and protein-free diet, wraps which increase metabolism, and a change of drinking and dry days make up a successful Schroth cure. The method is named after its founder, Johann Schroth, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with whole-grain regimes.


Here in Oberstaufen, you have to be examined by a doctor before starting the Schroth cure with its body wraps and low-calorie diet.
On request, your health insurance fund will grant a subsidy towards the cost of an outpatient bathing cure.