The pleasure of relaxation

Professional treatments and therapies. For her and him.

Our wellness oasis is all about your beauty and well-being.


Body and skin are intensively nurtured under the expert hands of our beautician Dagmar Gollong. These treatments use highly effective skin care products from the renowned KLAPP cosmetic range.

Reserve in advance, or just try to ‘grab’ a treatment appointment.
Dagmar Gollong visits us on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8.30 to 12:30.


Everything for the man

Tryout facial treatment, 68 €

Cleansing, peeling, relaxation massage, professional mask system


Fitness facial treatment, 82 €

Counteracts stressed male skin, promotes skin rejuvenation and boosts the mood of the active man – includes anti-ageing ingredients.


Manicure, 35 €

a manicure can also be booked with each treatment.


Energy kick for the body, 77 €

Whole body sea salt peeling followed by a relaxing oil massage

Facial treatments fot the woman

Introductory facial treatment after consultation, 68 €

Cleansing, peeling, brow shaping, massage, masks and grooming.


Advanced facial treatment after consultation, 82 €

Cleansing, peeling, brow shaping, massage, elixir skin tonic with active ingredients, final mask with products according to skin condition.


Caviar Imperial, 90 €

Luxury firming and toning for ageing skin. Minimises the appearance of small lines, firms and moisturises the skin.


Hyaluronic, 88 €

A bioactive moisturiser coupled with the active ingredient Quicklift TM immediately gives the skin a long-lasting, firmer appearance.


New: Collagen Stimulation CSIII, 88 €

Strengthening the collagen and elastin fibres tightens and smooths the skin structure. Ideal for an instant effect on any type of skin.


Golden Skin, 88 €

A luxury treatment that brings sunshine to the skin with an active combination of gold and hyaluron.


Cuvée Prestige, 99 €

A highly effective fountain of youth. The secret lies in the unique cocktail of active ingredients from the royal grapes of France.


Repacell, 99 €

An anti-ageing facial treatment with the Enzyme of Youth.


Sea watter cosmetic, 82 €

Beautiful, healthy skin from the power of the sea. Special optimised formula which boosts, tightens and strengthens your skin.


Kiwicha – Pure Nature, 78 €

Experience a new anti-age cosmetic treatment which blends the gold of the Incas with active ingredients from nature. Ideal for all skin types.


Manicure, 35 €


Special décolleté treatment, 14 €


Eyelash tinting, 18 €


Eyebrow tinting, 14 €


Depilation – upper lip, 10 €


Depilation – chin, 10 €


Depilation – legs to the knee, 30 €


Depilation – armpits, 18 €


Depilation – bikini zone, 18 €


Facial massage, 35 €

Body treatment

Asian body peeling, 38 €

Experience a whole-body massage with sea salt and lemon oil, leaving your skin velvet-soft.


Silky dream, 77 €

Asian body peeling followed by a relaxing massage.


Thalmarin seaweed pack, 75 €

A body pack of brown seaweed without additives. It has a moisturising action, activates your cell metabolism and removes fatty tissue.


Vital egyptian body wrap (ca. 110 min.) single, 120 €
Vital egyptian body wrap (ca. 110 min.) course of three treatments, 330 €

Several cotton bands are soaked in a warm solution of an ultra-fine Egyptian vital mixture of pure Dead Sea salt and natural minerals. This is then applied to the whole body using a special winding technique. Suitable for all skin types (also for allergy sufferers).


You will feel comfortably relaxed under the experienced hands of our masseur Arnold Koik.

Hotel guests and “locals” all swear by his “magic hands”. Feel how your muscle tension is released, allowing your body to relax as your energy pathways are stimulated.
Our massage treatments are focused on you, and expertly adapted to your needs. If required (and following a consultation) Faszien massage can also be used.

Arnold Koik has been visiting the Alpenkönig since 2003, and is with us on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Reservations are recommended, though you are welcome to try your luck for an impromptu appointment.



Hot Stones Treatment 75 min., 89 €

A unique combination of hands and pleasantly warm stones creates a particularly deep form of relaxation.


Massage-experience 20 min., 29 €


Massage 30 min., 40 €


Massage 50 min., 60 €


massage-experience-extension per minute, 1,20 €


Surcharge for special massage with aromatic oils, 10 €

Pure relaxation with lavender, wildrose, grapefruit, sport active. Perfect skin (Rosemary, Grapefruit, Juniper, Cypress, Lemongrass), Intensive Back (Rosemary), Almond Oil, White (flowery, soothing), Red (Citrus-scented, invigorating and refreshing)


Surcharge for massage with argan oil, 15 €

for sensitive skin, prevents skin-ageing.


Foot reflex zone therapy 30 min., 40 €

Healing and relaxing pulses are delivered throughout the body via the feet.


Natural mud packs on a soft-pack couch 30 min., 29 €

Increases the efficiency of your massage, using a relaxing soft-pack couch.


Binding water massage 30 min., 40 €

Internal organs which are disordered can receive regulating impulses by treating the reflex zones.


Penzel acupuncture massage (APM) 30 min., 40 €
Penzel acupuncture massage (APM) 60 min., 60 €

Traditional Chinese medicine attributes illness, malaise, pain and much more to disturbed energy flows. Massage of the meridians (main energy channels in the body) produces an improved energy flow.


Breuß-Massage 30 min., 47 €

Gentle treatment of the spinal muscles with warm St. John’s Wort oil.


Relaxing oil massage 30 min., 45 €

Warm almond oil and long gentle strokes – a real treat for connoisseurs.


Lymphatic drainage 30 min., 40 €
Lymphatic drainage 50 min., 60 €

For oedema (water accumulation) or for purifying the body.


Colon massage 20 Min., 29 €

For the stimulation of the colon and the digestive system.


Aromatic candle oil massage 30 min., 48 €

The melting of the burning candle produces a fragrant and pleasantly tempered massage oil.


Ayurvedic oil massage 60 min., 80 €

Abhyanga: a gentle whole body massage with warm sesame oil to enjoy, relax and “shut down”.


Ayurvedic silk glove and brush massage 30 min., 44 €

Garshan: at first stimulating, then relaxing. It promotes detoxification and stimulates the lymphatic system.


Ayurvedic Shirodara 60 min., 84 €

Shirodara: Warm oil is poured over the forehead in gentle waves to create a balancing and relaxing effect.

Bath applications using the soft-pack system

These are simply part of a relaxing wellness holiday: soothing baths using the soft-pack system.
Suitably folded and wrapped in the respective essence, you relax on a 37 ° C warm soft-pack couch (similar to a waterbed). This method ensures the active ingredients will be absorbed into your skin much more effectively.



Brine bath, 35 €

It acts as a double peeling and has a detoxifying effect in the upper skin layers. This treatment can therefore be used during the Schroth cure. Appropriate for skin problems.


Cleopatra bath, 38 €

A luxury bath which carries lots of moisture into different skin layers.


Evening primrose oil cream bath, 35 €

Hydrating and lipid replenishing – gives your skin a smooth, velvet feel.


Goat butter bath, 38 €

Eases neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Goat butter has a very high fat content and contains no preservatives.


Combination goat butter & brine bath, 38 €

Detoxifying and nourishing at the same time.

Tempting wellness offers for a relaxing stay at the Alpenkönig wellness hotel in Oberstaufen: